Adding software to a Windows SRT

You can install the following into an existing Windows SRT:

To add software to a Windows SRT

  1. On the Start menu on the Windows BMR boot server that hosts the SRT, click Programs > Symantec NetBackup > Bare Metal Restore Boot Server Assistant.

  2. In the Bare Metal Restore Boot Server Assistant, click Shared Resource Tree Administration Wizard.

  3. In the Shared Resource Tree Administration wizard, click Next on the Welcome screen.

  4. Select the option to update an SRT.

  5. Select one of the following resources to add to the shared resource tree:

    • Add a Windows service pack to an SRT.

    • Add or update NetBackup client software images in an SRT. An SRT must contain a NetBackup client image that is the same version as the system(s) to be protected.

    • Add Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows to an SRT.

    • Add Symantec Security Services to an SRT.

      This option is specific to legacy-based SRTs of versions older than NetBackup 7.0.

      For NetBackup 7.0, separate installation of Symantec Security Services for SRT is not required. Symantec Security Services are automatically installed in SRT along with NetBackup client software installation.

      For the SRTs with the NetBackup client software of versions older than 7.0, Symantec Security Services software should be separately installed. This additional installation is required if you use NetBackup Access Management to administer your NetBackup environment.

  6. Follow the prompts to add software to the shared resource tree.

    The Shared Resource Tree Wizard help provides additional information.