Back up BMR clients

A client is protected after a NetBackup backup policy that is configured for BMR protection backs it up. Backups must occur before a client fails and requires a Bare Metal Restore.

Each protected client must be backed up regularly by at least one policy that performs a full backup. The policy also can perform cumulative incremental or differential incremental backups, but a full backup must occur.

The backup saves the files of the computer on a storage device that NetBackup manages. The backup saves the configuration of the client on the BMR master server.

After a client is backed up by a policy that is configured for BMR protection, the client is registered with BMR as a protected client. It then appears in the Bare Metal Restore Clients view in the NetBackup Administration Console.

See Configure policies to back up BMR clients.

See Perform complete backups.

See Perform a full backup after a restore.

See Ensure successful backups.

See Save custom files.

See Monitor backups.

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