Monitoring BMR restore tasks

The Tasks window shows the status and the resource allocation for the prepare to restore and prepare to discover operations.

To monitor BMR restore tasks

  1. In the NetBackup Administration Console, select Bare Metal Restore > Tasks.

    Use the Refresh option to update the details pane with new information retrieved from the master server; if an item is highlighted, only that item is updated.

  2. To display details about a task, right-click on a task in the details pane and then select Properties.

    You also can select one of the following other options to manage tasks:

    Clean Up

    The resources that are used by the task are unallocated, the State is set to Done, and Status is set to 150 (terminated by user).

    You can clean up the tasks that are in an Active or Waiting state.


    You can delete the tasks that are in a Done state.