Veritas Volume Manager Disk Group Node Selected dialog box

This dialog box shows the properties of the selected volume group.

For information about AIX LVM, see the AIX documentation.

If you open this dialog box from the New Volume Layout window, you can change the values of the following fields:

Table: Properties of Volume Group dialog box items, listed alphabetically



Auto concurrent

Yes (autovary (that is, make available or unavailable for use) the concurrent capable volume group) or No.

Big volume group

Specifies whether the volume group is a big volume group (from 1 to 128 physical volumes).

Concurrent capable

Yes (concurrent capable) or No (nonconcurrent capable).

Enhanced concurrent capable

Yes (the volume group is an enhanced concurrent capable volume group) or No.

Free space

The amount of space available.

Logical volumes

The number of logical volumes in the group.


The number of physical volumes in the group.

Physical partition

The size of the physical partition.


Number of physical volumes that are needed for a majority.


The size of the volume group.