Recovering a SharePoint 2007 Server (without BMR)

This topic describes how to recover a SharePoint 2007 Server installation without Bare Metal Restore (BMR).

To recover a SharePoint 2007 Server (without BMR)

  1. Configure the destination host the same as the the original host.

  2. Install SharePoint 2007 and any other required software.

  3. Create a new Configuration database and attach to it using the SharePoint configuration wizard.

  4. Configure the NetBackup master server that has the backup images from the original host as the master server for the destination host.

  5. Restore all the components of the SharePoint farm, except the Configuration database. Restore the components in the following order:

    • Search database

    • Web Application(s)

    • Shared Service Provider, if any

    • Single Sign-on database, if any

    • Search Index Files