About NetBackup for SharePoint Server schedule properties

This topic describes the schedule properties that have a different meaning for database backups than for file system backups. Other schedule properties vary according to your specific backup strategy and system configuration. Additional information about other schedule properties is available.

See the NetBackup Administrator's Guide, Volume I.

Table: Description of schedule properties



Type of backup

Specifies the type of backup that this schedule controls. The selection list shows only the backup types that apply to the policy you want to configure.

Schedule type

You can schedule a backup in one of the following ways:

  • Frequency

    This setting is used only for scheduled backups. It is not used for user-directed backups. Frequency specifies the period of time that can elapse until the next backup or archive operation begins on this schedule. For example, assume that the frequency is seven days and a successful backup occurs on Wednesday. The next full backup does not occur until the following Wednesday. Typically, incremental backups have a shorter frequency than full backups.

  • Calendar

    This setting is used only for scheduled backups. It is not used for user-directed backups. The Calendar option allows you to schedule backup operations that are based on specific dates, recurring week days, or recurring days of the month.


Specifies a retention period to keep backup copies of files before they are deleted. The retention level also denotes a schedules priority within the policy. A higher level has a higher priority. Set the time period to retain at least two full backups of your database. In this way, if one full backup is lost, you have another full backup to restore. For example, if your database is backed up once every Sunday morning, you should select a retention period of at least 2 weeks.

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