About policy attributes for NetBackup for SharePoint Server

With a few exceptions, NetBackup manages a database backup like a file system backup. Other policy attributes vary according to your specific backup strategy and system configuration.

For more information on policy attributes, see the NetBackup Administrator's Guide, Volume I.

Table: Policy attribute descriptions for NetBackup for SharePoint Server policies



Policy type

Determines the types of clients that can be in the policy. In some cases the policy type determines the types of backups that NetBackup can perform on those clients. To use the SharePoint database agent, you must define at least one policy of type that is MS-SharePoint.

Limit jobs per policy

Limits the number of jobs that NetBackup performs concurrently with this policy. Set this option to 1 for the policies that are used to back up SharePoint databases.

Take checkpoints every

Checkpoint restart is not supported with NetBackup for SharePoint Server policies.

Allow multiple data streams

For SharePoint policies, do not select this option. SharePoint policies do not support multiple data streams.

Enable granular recovery

Allows restores of individual items using Granular Recovery Technology (GRT). Documents external to the document library such as lists, calendars, and discussion boards cannot be restored individually. Users can only restore individual items from a full backup.

You can restore individual items only if the backup image resides on a disk storage unit. If you want to retain a granular backup on tape, you must duplicate the image. If you want to restore from a granular backup that was duplicated to tape, you must import the image to a disk storage unit.

SharePoint Server GRT-enabled backups do not support encryption or compression.

Keyword phrase

A textual description of a backup. Useful for browsing backups and restores.

More Information

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