About NetBackup for SharePoint features

Table: NetBackup for SharePoint agent features describes the features for the NetBackup for SharePoint agent.

Table: NetBackup for SharePoint agent features



Online backup

SharePoint Server objects can be backed up without taking the SharePoint Server offline. SharePoint services and data are available during the backup.

SharePoint Server backup methods

NetBackup supports full and differential-incremental backups of SharePoint.

Tight NetBackup integration

Tight integration with NetBackup means the following:

  • An administrator already familiar with NetBackup procedures and software can easily configure and use NetBackup to perform SharePoint Server backup and restore operations.

  • Features and strengths of the NetBackup product suite are available to the SharePoint Server backup user. These features include scheduled and user-directed operations and in-line tape copy. These features are described in detail.

    See the NetBackup Administrator's Guide, Volume I.

Central administration

You can administer the backup and recovery of multiple SharePoint Server installations from a central location.

Media management

SharePoint Server backups are saved directly to a wide variety of storage devices that NetBackup supports.

Automated backups

Administrators can set up schedules for automatic, unattended backups for local or remote clients across the network. These backups are managed entirely by the NetBackup server from a central location. The administrator can also manually back up the clients. Auto discovery is used for SharePoint Server installations. The topology is read from the SharePoint front-end Web server and the backup selection list is automatically built.

User-directed backups

A user can perform backups of SharePoint Server resources through the Backup, Archive, and Restore client interface on the front-end Web server.

Backups and restores of standalone SharePoint Foundation or Windows SharePoint Services (WSS)

NetBackup can back up and restore standalone installations of SharePoint Foundation or Windows SharePoint Services.

Compression of backups

Compression increases backup performance over the network and reduces the size of the backup image that is stored on the disk or tape. NetBackup does not support compression of the backups that use Granular Recovery Technology.


When the Encryption attribute is enabled, the server encrypts the backup for the clients that are listed in the policy. NetBackup does not support encryption of backups that use GRT.

Restore operations

An administrator who uses the Backup, Archive, and Restore interface can browse SharePoint Server backups and select the ones to restore.

Restores of individual items and document sets using Granular Recovery Technology (GRT)

When a backup uses GRT, users can restore individual items and documents sets directly from any full database backup of a Web application or portal. A separate granular-level backup is not needed. This feature adds an extra step that identifies the items within the database. This step lets you recover individual items later.

Redirected restore

You can redirect the restore of the following:

  • SharePoint Web applications and SharePoint 2003 portals or team sites to an alternate URL within the same farm.

  • Individual SharePoint items and document sets to a file path on the same site.

Support for backups that were created with previous NetBackup versions

You can restore the backups that were created with versions of NetBackup before 6.5.4. However, new 6.5.4 features are not supported with backups that were created with previous versions. For example, you cannot restore list items from a NetBackup 6.5.3 or earlier backup.

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