Frequently asked questions

I've installed the NetWare Client and the NetBackup for NetWare NonTarget Browser. However, when I go to start the user interface I get a message that I'm not authorized to use the program. What's causing this?

There are two reasons you may be getting a “not authorized” message. First, you must have rights to the directory where the NetWare Client software is installed. Second, if you are using the NetWare NonTarget Browser, you must have IPX to make connections to the NetWare server. IPX must be enabled and bound on both the NetWare server and the workstation running the NetWare NonTarget Browser. IPX must also be configured properly. An inaccurate network number or IPX filtering will also cause the “not authorized” error.

I added the IP address for my NetBackup master server in the NetWare server's hosts file, but my servers don't seem to be able to communicate with each other. What's happening?

If you are not using Domain Name Services (DNS), then the IP addresses for the NetWare servers must be included in your master and media servers' hosts files. The NetBackup master and media servers' IP addresses also must be in the NetWare server's hosts file. Forward and reverse name resolution must be available. For more information, see Adding information to the hosts file.

When I attempt to start my NonTarget Browser, I receive the error message “Unable to locate the NetWare server running the NetBackup Service.” What does this mean?

It could mean a bad network connection or that the NetWare Client is not running the NetBackup service. Make sure the network connection is working and that the server to which you are trying to connect has the NetWare Client software installed and running. You may also want to map a drive on your Windows system to the NetWare Client.

When I tried to bring up the NonTarget Browser's restore window, I get a message that the server does not contain any backups using the specified class type. I know my backups ran successfully, so why do I get the message and how can I get my list of files?

Your NetBackup master is not using the right policy type for your NetWare Client.

To select the right policy type

  • On the NetBackup for NetWare NonTarget Browser, choose File > Specify NetBackup Machines.
  • Click Source Clients/Policy Type.
  • Ensure the Policy Type selected is NetWare.
  • Click OK.

I received the error “No active classes contain schedules of the requested type for the client (198)” when I attempted to run a user-directed backup. I was trying to use the same policy used for the scheduled backups, which ran successfully. The policy or class type is set to Standard, and I am using the target method to create the user-directed backup. What is causing this error?

In addition having the Policy Type set to Standard, the policy must also have User Backup selected as a Type of backup. For more information about creating policies, see Setting up policies for the NetWare client.

I'm using OTM and receive a message that I have insufficient disk space, but it looks like I have plenty of free disk space. What should I do?

Make sure the free space does not include purgable space because the cache file will not use purgable space. If there is not enough free space, the cache file will not be created. There are two major causes for the cache file to run out of disk space:

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