Troubleshooting the NetWare client

This section contains a checklist for preventing common install, backup, restore, and configuration errors. This section also contains frequently asked questions about the Novell NetWare Client.

If you encounter problems that require assistance from tech support, you will need the following files so tech support can troubleshoot issues with the NetWare Client:

BP.INI file, which is the configuration file used by the NetWare Client software to control back up and restore operations on your computer. For more information, see Understanding the BP.INI file.

BPCD log, which contains information useful for troubleshooting communications between your NetBackup client and the NetBackup server. When changing the debug logging levels, some of the changes take effect immediately while others require the BPCD.NLM to be unloaded, and then reloaded. For more information about the log files, see Using log files.

CONFIG.TXT, which is generated by the Novell CONFIG.NLM. The CONFIG.TXT file would be written in SYS:\SYSTEM. This NLM can be found on Novell's support site. It should be ran each time it is requested by support to get the current state of the server. For more information about CONFIG.TXT, refer to your Novell NetWare documentation.

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