Using the NetWare client in a cluster

Server clusters provide high availability and manageability of critical network resources, including data (volumes), applications, server licenses, and services. In a server cluster, two or more servers (called nodes) are linked in a network, and run cluster software that allows network resources to be tied to a cluster rather than to individual network servers. With cluster-enabled volumes, your data and applications appear to be provided by a single system, even though the cluster may be composed of several network servers.

When one node fails, the failed node's applications and volumes are transparently restarted on a surviving node (called failover). During failover, most users will not even be aware of the failure.

When the node that failed returns to service, the volumes newly acquired by the failover node migrate to the controlling node (called failback).

The NetWare Client protects data on the cluster volumes by allowing you to back up and restore data stored on any node in the cluster.

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