Setting OFTB parameters in the BP.INI file

The bp.ini file is divided into sections and each section is formatted as follows:

[section name]

parameter name = value

[section name]
Identifies the start of a new configuration file section.
parameter name
Identifies the name of a configuration file parameter.
Identifies the value to be set for the associated configuration file parameter.

The following describes the OTM section of the file. An example file follows these descriptions.

[oftb] section


Enables the Open File Backup Option. This parameter must be turned on for a backup using the Open File Backup Option to occur. Enter yes or 1 to enable the Open File Backup Option, or no or 0 to disable the Open File Backup Option.

Example BP.INI file

The following is an example of the OTM section in a typical BP.INI:

Use = 1

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