Setting Open File Backup Option parameters

The OFTB section of the bp.ini file defines the behavior of the Open File Backup Option, a NetBackup option that allows you to back up files, databases, and applications that are open or active. For more information about the bp.ini file and the other sections contained in this file, see Understanding the BP.INI file.

The Open File Backup Option establishes a point-in-time view, or snapshot, of the data on the drives that contain files to be backed up. NetBackup then backs up the selected files as they existed at the time of the snapshot, regardless of file system activity. The snapshot is maintained by using a cache system to store changes that occur during the backup.

The volumes you want to back up with the Open File Backup Option on NetWare 5.x must be traditional NetWare volumes; NetWare 5.x NSS volumes are not supported. NSS volumes are only supported on NetWare 6.x.

In addition to eliminating problems with busy files, the Open File Backup Option keeps all relationships between files in the backup intact. For example, assume that keywords in files A and B must be synchronized for an application to work. Without the Open File Backup Option, if A is backed up but B is changed before it is backed up, the two files are not synchronized after a restore and the application will not work. With the Open File Backup Option, all files are backed up as they exist at a single point in time so that relationships are maintained and these problems cannot occur.

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