Using the restore backups menu

Options on the Restore Backups menu, which appears when from the Main Menu you select r, follow:

Table 5-23 Restore Backups menu options 
s) Search
Takes you to the Search screen from which you can browse the NetBackup database to select the desired files and directories.
e) Edit/View Selections
Displays the list of files and directories currently selected for restore. You can also add or delete selections from the list.
r) Initiate Restore
Brings up the Initiate Restore screen, from which you can start the operation.
x) Display Mode:Brief
Selects whether the Search screen shows only names (Brief mode) or also includes file details (Full mode) as in the following example:
Size Modification Date
68256 10/22/95 02:01:00 /SYS/AJ510.EMU
9042 05/11/95 01:11:00 /SYS/BAPI.DEV
379 10/22/95 06:46:32 /SYS/VISTA/BP.EXE
Toggle the Display Mode indication to Full for file details and to Brief for file names only.
l) List Backup Images
Displays the list of backup images from the NetBackup database.
a) Specify Destination Target
Allows you to redirect the restore to a target other than the one from which they were backed up.
p) Change Path
Allows you to change the directory at which subsequent search operations begin. In the following example, the new file path is /SYS/VISTA/DOCS.
Current File Path /SYS/TEST
Use forward slashes (/) in these paths. This is required because the request goes to the NetBackup server, which uses UNIX conventions.
d) Change Date Range
Allows you to change the Start Date and End Date as shown at the top of the menu. These dates indicate the range of dates that NetBackup includes in a search for files to restore.
c) Change Directory Depth
Allows you to change the number of levels of directories and files that appear on the Search screen. The new number appears on the Directory Depth line at the top of the screen. The default depth is 2.
v) Change Master Server
Allows you to select the master server with the database for the files you want to restore.
b) Change Browse Client
Allows you to browse and restore files backed up by another client, providing the administrator on the master server gives you the necessary permissions.
t) Change Browse Target
Changes the currently selected target.
h) Help
Provides help information for this menu.
q) Quit
Returns you to the main menu.

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