Allowing Server-directed restores

The administrator on the NetBackup master server can direct restores to any NetWare Client no matter which NetWare Client the files were backed up from, provided server-directed restores are permitted. With both the Target and the NonTarget method, you can prohibit server-directed restores.

To prohibit server-directed restores by modifying the bp.ini file

  • On the NetWare server, edit the BP.INI file using a text editor.
  • In the [bp] Section, change the Allow_Server_Write parameter to no, which prohibits the system administrator from initiating a restore

The default is yes.

  • Save the edited file.

To prohibit server-directed restores using the NetBackup for NetWare NonTarget browser

  • From the NetBackup for NetWare NonTarget Browser, choose Actions > Configure.
  • On the General tab, clear the Allow Server-Directed Restores option.
  • Click OK.

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