Restoring from Backup Exec images

From the NonTarget Browser, you can select to restore Backup Exec images. To restore from Backup Exec images, your NetBackup system administrator must first import Backup Exec media into NetBackup.

Backup Exec backup type descriptions in the NetBackup Restore window differ from the descriptions of the NetBackup types. The differences follow:

Table 5-28 Differences in backup types
NetBackup backup type
Backup Exec backup type
Cumulative Incremental

When restoring Backup Exec images to the NetWare Client, bpsrv.nlm and bpcd.nlm must be running on the client.

The Backup Exec Tape Reader for NetBackup option should be installed on the NetBackup server. Refer to the NetBackup Administrator's Guide for Windows for more information.

To restore from backup Exec images

  • On the NetBackup for NetWare NonTarget Browser, choose Actions > Restore, and then select Restore from Backup Exec Backups.

The NetBackup Restore window displays.

  • Select the files or folders to restore.
  • Choose Restore > Restore Marked Files.

The Restore Marked Files dialog appears.

  • Select the restore options you want.
  • Click Start Restore to start the restore operation.

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