Clients property sheet

Use this property sheet to select the client backups you want to restore. Changes made in this dialog will not be saved after closing this NetBackup Restore window.

Options on this dialog follow.

Table 5-27 Clients tab options 
New Client Name
To add another client name to the Client List, type the name of the client in the New Client Name and click Add. The client name entered must also be defined in a policy on the NetBackup server.
Click this button to add the client, entered in the New Client Name box, to the Client List.
Client List

The Client List contains the client name for your computer. It can also contain the names of remote NetBackup clients. You can select local or remote NetBackup clients on which to perform NetBackup operations.

The NetBackup server administrator must set up the required permissions before you can browse and restore from any remote client.

To perform a NetBackup operation on a NetWare Client, select the name from the Client List and click Make Current. The word CURRENT appears in parentheses beside the name of the new default client.
Make Current
Click this button after selecting a client in the Client List to change the current client used for browsing backups.
Note: Changing the current client only affects the current Restore window; the setting is not saved after the Restore window is closed.
Class Type
View and select class type for the client selected in the Client List. The class type must be the same as specified for the client in the NetBackup configuration.
Click this button to accept changes to the parameters.

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