Servers property sheet

Use this property sheet to select the master server for the client backups you want to restore. Changes made in this dialog will not be saved after closing this NetBackup Restore window.

Options on the Servers tab follow.

Table 5-26 Servers tab options 
New Server Name
To add another NetBackup server to the Server List, type the name of the new server in the New Server Name text box and click Add. The name must be as defined by the system administrator on that server.
Adds the server, entered in the New Server Name box, to the Server List.
Server List
Shows the names of the NetBackup servers that require access to the client for restores, and any other servers used when performing user-directed restores. The master server and any media servers that perform server-directed restores of the client must appear in this list. The machine designated as CURRENT will be the server used for user-directed operations.
To mark a server as CURRENT, select a server from the Server List and click Make Current. The word CURRENT appears in parentheses beside the name.
Make Current
Click this button after selecting a server in the Server List to change the current server.
Changing the current server only affects the current Restore window; the setting is not saved after the Restore window is closed.
Click this button to accept changes to the parameters.
Click this button to cancel and return to the previous display without accepting changes to the parameters in this dialog.
Click this button to view online help.

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