Restore Marked Files dialog

The Restore Marked Files dialog appears when creating a restore operation from the NetBackup for NetWare NonTarget Browser. Use this dialog to view your selections before proceeding with the operation. If the list is longer than the list box, a vertical scroll bar appears along the right edge of the pane.

Options on the Restore Marked Files dialog follow:

Table 5-24 Restore Marked Files dialog options 
Lists the names of the files or folders marked for restore.
Overwrite existing files
Select this check box if you want to overwrite existing files or folders. The default is to not overwrite. In this mode, the restore does not occur if the files or folders exist.
Use alternate path
Select this check box if you want NetBackup to restore files to a different path on your computer.
Restore from folder
Enter the path from which files and/or folders were backed up.
Restore to folder
Enter the path to the folder to which you want to restore files.
Restore namespace
Select the namespace for the alternate resource. The possible values are as follows: No Namespaces, Directory Namespace, DOS Namespace, FTAM Namespace, NFS Namespace, Macintosh Namespace, OS2 Namespace.
Start Restore
Initiates the restore operation.
To cancel and return to the previous display without accepting changes to the parameters in this dialog, click this button.
To view online help for this dialog, click this button.

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