Performing scheduled backups

The NetBackup administrator can schedule full and incremental backups to occur automatically and unattended, under the control of the NetBackup master server. Full, incremental, and true image backups can only be performed by the NetBackup master server. Scheduled backups will probably meet most of your backup requirements.

Note: In previous versions of the NetWare Client, scheduled backups could be only partially successful since some applications retain locks on files when left open. NetBackup and NetBackup Enterprise are packaged with the Open File Backup Option, which resolves this problem. If the Open File Backup Option is disabled, be sure to shut down all applications on the NetBackup client before proceeding with server-directed backups. See the NetBackup Installation Guide for more information on installing the Open File Backup Option.

There are four types of scheduled or server-directed backups and archives:

Full Backup (see Full backup)

Cumulative-Incremental Backup (see Cumulative-incremental backup)

Differential-Incremental Backup (see Differential-incremental backup)

True Image Backup (see True image backup)

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