Allowing scheduled access

To allow scheduled backups when targets are not created, the user name and password for the resource must be provided and the proper information added to the bp.ini file through the NetBackup for NetWare NonTarget Browser's Allow Scheduled Access option.

To provide access for scheduled backups using NonTarget method

  • At the NetBackup for NetWare NonTarget Browser, select the resource you want to back up.

a.Choose Actions > Backup Files and Folders.

b.Select the NetWare server for which you want to allow server-directed backups.

  • Enter the User Name and Password for the NetWare server.

You may be prompted for Available Namespaces when you first select the resource. Enter the highest available Namespace (usually LONG).

  • Choose Backup > Allow Scheduled Access.

When Allow Scheduled Access is selected, it may appear that nothing happens. However, NetBackup adds the resource name, namespace, username and password to the NetWare server's bp.ini file. An entry is added for each resource selected. You can verify these entries by editing the bp.ini file.

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