Planning your backup strategy

During configuration, the NetBackup administrator tailors the NetBackup server to meet the requirements of your site. When planning your backup strategy, you should ask the following questions about your NetBackup server configuration:

When do automatic backups occur?

From the NetBackup master server, the administrator can schedule full and incremental backups to occur automatically and unattended. These scheduled operations should meet almost all of your backup requirements. By knowing these schedules, you can determine situations where you must perform user-directed backups to preserve critical data.

When are the windows open for user-directed backups?

During configuration, the administrator defines time periods during which your client can perform backup operations. For example, assume the window is open between 8 am and 4 pm. If you attempt a backup at 5 pm, NetBackup prevents the operation and writes a failure message in the progress log for the operation.

What is the retention period for your data?

When data expires, you can no longer recover it. The administrator defines the retention period during configuration of the NetBackup master server. Ensure that the retention time is long enough to suit your needs.

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