Backup marked files dialog

This dialog appears after you have initiated a backup. To access this dialog, do the following:

On the Backup window, click the Start Backup button.

Choose Backup > Backup Marked Files.

Use this dialog to view your selections before proceeding with the operation. Options on this dialog follow:

Table 4-17 Backup Marked Files dialog options 
Contains a list of objects to be backed up.
Keyword phrase to associate with the backup (optional)
Specifies a keyword phrase, up to 128 characters in length, that NetBackup will associate with the image created by this backup operation. You can then restore the image by specifying the keyword phrase in the Search Backups dialog.
All printable characters are permitted including space (“ ”) and period (“.”). The default keyword phrase is the null (empty) string.
Start Backup
Initiates the backup operation.
To cancel and return to the previous display without accepting changes to the parameters in this dialog, click this button.
To view online help for this dialog, click this button.

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