Creating a user-directed backup using targets

To set up a user-directed backup using targets

  • From the NetBackup master server's administration console, create a new policy, following the steps described in the NetBackup Administrator's Guide, Volume I. Use the following settings:

On the Attributes tab, for Policy type, select Standard.

On the Clients tab, enter the name of the NetWare server for the Client name, and then select Novell as the Hardware, and NetWare as the Operating System.

On the Schedules tab, click New, and then for Type of backup select User Backup.

Note: The Selections tab is not used for user-directed backups.
  • On the Main Menu, type b.

The User Directed Backup menu appears.

Menu options follow:

Table 4-16 User Directed Backup menu options
b) Initiate Backup
Allows you to initiate the backup.
v) Change Server
Allows you to change the NetBackup master server to which you direct the request.
t) Change Target
Allows you to change the selected target.
h) Help
Provide help information for this menu.
q) Quit
Returns you to the main menu.

  • Type b.
  • Type y if you want to use progress logs; otherwise, type n. For more information on progress logs, see Using log files.
  • If you selected to use progress logs, press Enter to accept the default path for the log or type a new path and press Enter.
  • Type y to initiate the backup now.
  • After the backup has started, press Enter to return to the User Directed Backup menu.

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