Creating a scheduled backup using targets

Scheduled backups, also called server-directed backups, are launched from the NetBackup master server through the creation of a backup policy. If you are using the Target method, you must first create a target using the NetWare Client's user interface running on the NetWare server.

To set up scheduled backups using targets

  • From the NetBackup master server's administration console, create a new policy, following the steps described in the NetBackup Administrator's Guide, Volume I. Use the following settings:

On the Attributes tab, for Policy type, select Standard.

On the Clients tab, enter the name of the NetWare server for the Client name, and then select Novell as the Hardware, and NetWare as the Operating System.

On the Selections tab, enter the name of the target which is to be backed up. You must type the Target name; you cannot use the Browse button.

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