Using the target configuration menu

The Target Configuration menu allows you to add, delete, and modify targets used for backing up NetWare files and directories. Through this menu, you can also the Common Target Login Menu, which you to use a single login account for multiple targets.

To display and use the target configuration menu

  • On the Target's Main Menu, type t.
  • To execute a command from this menu, type the letter that is to the left of the menu item.

Menu options follow:

Table 3-14 Target Configuration menu options 
a) Add New Target
Define a target, located on the NetWare file server, that is to be backed up.
t) Change Selected Target Service
Modify the parameters for the currently selected target.
s) Selected Target Selection List Configuration
Add and remove TSA resources, directories, and files from the backup.
d) Delete Selected Target
Remove the currently selected target.
c) Change Selected Target
Toggle through the list of defined targets.
l) List/Display Selected Target
Display the selected target.
i) List/Display Diagnostic Information
Display diagnostic information relating to the NetWare file server. This option is provided as a means to allow customer support.
o) Output Destination (SCREEN)
Toggle the output destination between the screen and a file.
u) Common Target Login
Display Common Target Login menu, which allows you to enable, change, or disable Common Target Login information. The NetBackup Common Target Login feature allows you to specify login information that can be used by one or more targets.
h) Help
Provide help for the information on this menu.
q) Quit
Return to the main menu.

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