Configuring the NetWare client

After installing the NetWare Client, you must configure the client's bp.ini file, and, if you are using the Target method, create targets before using the NetWare Client to back up and restore data. If you are using the NonTarget method, you must provide the NetBackup master server permission to access the NetWare server resources for backups (see Allowing scheduled access).

The BP.INI file, which is shared by both Target and NonTarget, is the configuration file used by the NetWare Client software to control back up and restore operations on your computer. It is created in the SYS:\VERITAS\NBUCLT directory the first time you run the NetBackup interface program's NetBackup Configuration.

You can set many BP.INI parameters through commands available on the Target's NetBackup Configuration menu (see Modifying BP.INI through the target's NetBackup configuration menu). Others can be changed only by modifying the file directly with a text editor, such as Notepad.

If you are using the NonTarget method, you create the BP.INI file and modify BP.INI parameters through the NetBackup Configuration dialog (see Modifying BP.INI parameters with the NonTarget method).

Note: For information on modifying the Open File Backup Option parameters in the BP.INI file, please refer to Setting Open File Backup Option parameters.

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