Using the target user interface menus

The name of your client and NetBackup master server appear at the top of the Target user interface Main Menu.

From the Main Menu, you can access other menus, or submenus, which allow you to perform various NetBackup operations. You can also access help and exit the application from this Main Menu.

To select an option, type the letter that is to the left of its menu item. Options follow:

Table 2-2 Main menu options 
b) User Directed Backup
Displays the User Directed Backup menu.
r) Restore Backups
Displays the Restore Backups menu.
f) Restore True Image Backups
Displays the Restore True Image Backups menu.
t) Target Configuration
Creates or modifies backup target configurations.
n) NetBackup Configuration
Sets or changes the NetBackup configuration information.
h) Help
Provides help information for Main Menu. Each secondary menu has its own help option.
q) Quit Utility
Terminates the NetBackup user interface and returns you to the system prompt.

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