Upgrading from previous versions

This version of the NetWare Client uses the default directory structure SYS:\VERITAS\NBUCLT for all NetWare Client software.

If you are upgrading from a previous version of the NetWare Client that did not use the SYS:\VERITAS\NBUCLT directory structure, the installation program will automatically copy all existing target files from SYS:\OPENV\NETBACK\TGTS to SYS:\VERITAS\NBUCLT\NETBACK\TGTS. Your existing BP.INI file will be copied from SYS:\OPENV\NETBACK to SYS:\VERITAS\NBUCLT\NETBACK. OPENV is renamed to OPENV.OLD, but none of the logs are moved.

You do not want to delete the older NetWare Client version (OPENV.OLD) until after you have successfully installed this version and verified that your existing targets and BP.INI configuration are correctly copied to the new directory. You will be able to browse and restore data that was backed up with the older NetWare Client version. You can save old log files by copying the files from SYS:\OPENV.OLD\NETBACK\LOGS\log_directory to SYS:\VERITAS\NBUCLT\NETBACK\LOGS\log_directory.

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