Advantages/Disadvantages of the two methods

Both the Target and NonTarget method offer advantages and disadvantages.

For the Target method, advantages include the following follow:

Backups and restores of a NetWare server can be done in an IP only environment.

Data can be multi-streamed.

Disadvantages of the Target method are as follows:

User-directed backups and restores are done by a character-based interface, rather than graphical user interface.

Targets must be set up with bp.nlm.

Advantages of the NonTarget method are as follows:

The use of a graphical user interface (NetBackup for NetWare NonTarget Browser) makes it easier to set up jobs.

Targets do not have to be set up.

Disadvantages of the NonTarget method are as follows:

Data cannot be multi-streamed.

IPX is required on both the NetWare server and the Windows workstation.

Memory availability on the workstation can impact performance of the graphical user interface.

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