Changing the socket buffer size for large restores

When you attempt to restore a large number of files or a large amount of data, the restore may run very slow. If you encounter this sort of behavior, you should change the socket buffer size on the NetBackup media server and the NetBackup destination client. The following procedures explain how to set this socket buffer size.

For more information about changing the socket buffer size, see the NetBackup Tuning Guide for UNIX, Windows, and Linux.

To change the socket buffer size on a NetBackup media server

  1. Go to <NetBackup Install Path>\Veritas\NetBackup.

  2. Create a file with name NET_BUFFER_SZ.

  3. Put a number in this file that is: 65536.

  4. Save the file.

To change the socket buffer size on a NetBackup destination client

  1. Go to the NetBackup master server and start the NetBackup Activity Monitor.

  2. Select, Host Properties> Clients.

  3. Open the Host Properties window for the NetBackup destination client.

  4. Select, Windows Client > Client Settings.

  5. Change the Communication buffer size to 64 kilobytes.