Recovering a fingerprint database

To recover a fingerprint database, you must be aware of the following:

Use the following procedure to recover a fingerprint database in Enterprise Vault 8.0.

To recover the fingerprint database

  1. Identify the name of vault store group whose fingerprint database needs to be restored.

  2. Identify the vault stores in the chosen vault store group. You can obtain this information by browsing Vault Administration Console.

  3. Identify the Enterprise Vault servers that are a part of the vault store group whose fingerprint database you want to restore.

  4. Install the operating system and any other required applications (including the Enterprise Vault application) on the all Enterprise Vault servers within the vault store group.

  5. Stop the Enterprise Vault services that are running on the Enterprise Vault servers that host the vault stores in a vault store group. The fingerprint database to be restored is associated with that vault store group. The Enterprise Vault server is seen as a Computer in the properties of a vault store in the Vault Administration Console.

  6. Before restoring the fingerprint database, get the latest backup time of the open, closed, and ready partitions, and the vault store databases that comprise the vault store group of the fingerprint database you want to restore. (This backup timestamp is referred to as the timestamp of the vault store backup. This timestamp is the backup time of the images that were restored using the Enterprise Vault agent.) All partitions and vault store database images may not have same backup time. Therefore, you should use the most recent backup time as the vault store backup timestamp and then start the restore of the fingerprint database.

    See Restoring Enterprise Vault SQL database components.

    If there are multiple fingerprint databases, then you should repeat this step for each fingerprint database.

  7. Run the Enterprise Vault recovery tools to repair the consistency of the entire vault store group. That helps to bring the partitions, the vault store database, and the fingerprint database to a consistent state.


    Symantec recommends that you run Enterprise Vault tools with the guidance of Enterprise Vault Support.

  8. If there is no fingerprint database backup after a vault store backup timestamp, restore all of the available fingerprint database backups from the last full backup and any incremental backups. Run the Enterprise Vault recovery tools to recover any missing entries of the fingerprint database. If you do not add the missing entries, you can encounter a data loss if the items are expired or deleted from Enterprise Vault archives.

  9. Restart the services on the Enterprise Vault servers.