Recovering an auditing database

Use the following procedure to recover an auditing database in Enterprise Vault 8.0.


Before starting the recovery process, see the Recovery chapter, in the Symantec Enterprise Vault™ Administrator's Guide for Windows.

To recover an auditing database

  1. Start with the system that hosted the Enterprise Vault auditing database. This server should be the same server that currently hosts the directory database.

    The auditing database can only exist in the SQL instance that hosts the directory database. It cannot exist in a separate SQL instance.

  2. Prepare this system for restore by installing the operating system and any other required applications.

  3. Install the SQL Server on this system if it is not installed on this system already.

  4. Install the NetBackup client on this system.

  5. Restore the Enterprise Vault auditing database back to the SQL server where the directory database resides.

    See Restoring Enterprise Vault SQL database components.