About disaster recovery of an Enterprise Vault site

If a disaster occurs, you want the ability to recover your Enterprise Vault environment. This environment can consist of Enterprise Vault components, such as a directory database, a monitoring database, vault store databases, and Enterprise Vault index locations. You also want the ability to recover an Enterprise Vault Server on the same system or to another system.


Unless otherwise stated, do not start any Enterprise Vault service until you complete all the steps of a recovery procedure. If you start the Enterprise vault service to browse the Enterprise vault configuration, stop the Enterprise vault service before you move to the next step of recovery. If you chose to not run the Enterprise Vault recovery tools to repair consistency after the restore is complete, a data loss can occur. In addition, Symantec recommends that you run Enterprise Vault tools with the guidance of Enterprise Vault Support.

When a disaster occurs, there is a logical order that you should use to recover your Enterprise Vault environment. The following list provides a high-level summary of the process you should follow to successfully recover your data:

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