Restoring Enterprise Vault SQL database components

You can use the same procedure to restore the following Enterprise Vault SQL database components:

You can restore an Enterprise Vault SQL database from any of the following systems:

To restore Enterprise Vault SQL database components

  1. Log on as administrator.

  2. Stop the Enterprise Vault administrative services on all of the Enterprise Vault systems.

  3. Open the Backup, Archive, and Restore interface.

  4. Click File > Select Files and Folders to Restore > from Normal Backup.

  5. In the Restore window, select the Enterprise-Vault policy type (choose File > Specify NetBackup Machines and Policy Type).

  6. Click OK.

  7. In the NetBackup History pane, determine which backup images to restore.

    See About backup image restore sets.

  8. Select the backup images from the backup image restore set in the proper sequence, then restore one image at a time. Start with the full backup image.

  9. In the All Folders pane, expand Enterprise Vault Resources.

  10. Select the folder(s) of the Enterprise Vault SQL components to restore. (For example, you can restore the Enterprise Vault directory database, the Enterprise Vault monitoring database, or the vault store database.)

  11. Click Actions > Restore.

  12. In the Enterprise Vault Restore dialog box, click the Database Settings tab.

  13. Configure the Recovery completion state, consistency check, and other settings for your restore.

  14. Click Start Restore.

  15. Repeat steps 8 through 14 for each image that you select to restore.

  16. After the restore completes, start the Enterprise Vault services on all of the Enterprise Vault systems. Select Start > Programs > Administrative Tools > Services.

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