About the Enterprise Vault restore options on the General tab

The General tab is used to specify options during a restore or a redirect operation of Enterprise Vault File System (FS) components. You first select the components that you want to restore from the Enterprise Vault restore user interface. You can then restore these selections to the same location from where the backup was performed, or to a different location that you designate.

Table: Lists the restore options on the General tab describes the restore options, including the restore destination options on the General tab.

Table: Lists the restore options on the General tab



Restore everything to its original location

Restores the selected items to the same location from which they were backed up. This option is the default option.

Restore everything to a different location

This option is disabled.

Restore individual folders and files to different locations

Select this option to restore any selected Enterprise Vault file system data to different locations.

The items you mark for restore appear in the Restore individual folders and files to different locations list box. When you select a folder for restore, that folder name appears in the list box (not the individual files in that folder). To restore individual files to different locations, select files individually.

When you double-click on the source list, you see that content already exists. You should remove all of the existing content and then enter a physical path of a new destination in the Enter New Destination dialog box. You can also use the browse feature to browse for a new destination.


If you type a new destination in the Destination field, you must enter a valid physical path.

NetBackup browses the local computer where the Backup, Archive, and Restore interface is running. NetBackup only browses the local computer, even if you chose to redirect a restore to a different client.

You must provide or select a file name as the destination if you change the destination location of the file. For folders, the destination name is used as the folder name.

See About restoring Enterprise Vault file system data.

Create virtual disks and redirect to them

This option is disabled.

Overwrite existing file

Overwrites the existing files and folders. The default is not to overwrite.

Restore the file using a temporary file name

This option is disabled.

Do not restore the file

The default.