Manually backing up Enterprise Vault resources

Enterprise Vault backups can run automatically if you specify a time period within an Enterprise Vault backup policy. However, there are instances when you want to start a backup manually based on an existing Enterprise Vault backup policy. You can initiate a manual Enterprise Vault backup from the NetBackup Administration Console.

See “To run an Enterprise Vault backup manually”.


User-directed backups are not supported.

To run an Enterprise Vault backup manually

  1. Log onto the NetBackup server as Administrator.

  2. Select, Start > Programs > Symantec NetBackup > NetBackup Adminstration Console.

  3. Expand Policies in the left pane of the NetBackup Administration Console. Existing policies appear.

  4. Select the policy that you want to run. The right pane displays the policy configuration information for the policy that you select.

  5. Right-click on the policy and select the Manual Backup option, or click the Manual Backup icon on the toolbar at the top of the NetBackup Administration Console.

  6. Select the schedule and one or more of the clients to start the backup from the Manual Backup dialog box.

  7. Click OK to begin the backup.