About the archive bit

Enterprise Vault (7.5 and 8.0) use the archive attribute option as a way to support managing safety copies. When the bit is cleared, Enterprise Vault considers the file to be backed up and any corresponding safety copies are removed. The NetBackup Enterprise Vault agent resets the archive bit on the files that were backed up in FULL and DIFFERENTIAL schedules.

A cumulative incremental backup does not reset the archive bit of an object that is included for backup. In addition, if a cumulative-incremental backup is run after a differential-incremental backup completes (and the archive bit is reset), the cumulative-incremental backup does not include the files that were backed up in the differential-incremental backup.

If the Enterprise Vault vault store is configured with the,Remove safety copies after backup, option set, and the Enterprise Vault partition that is configured with the Use the archive attribute setting for a backup, then the archive file (safety copy) delete does not occur after a cumulative-incremental backup.