About the partition secure notification file

Enterprise Vault 8.0 supports a trigger file mechanism for managing safety copies by enabling the Check for a trigger file option. Enterprise Vault determines whether the archived data in a vault store partition has been backed up. It checks for a trigger file in the partition root directory.

See, "Using the trigger file mechanism" in the Symantec Enterprise Vault Administrator's Guide.

See, "Managing safety copies " in the Symantec Enterprise Vault Administrator's Guide.

After a successful backup of an Enterprise Vault 8.0 or greater partition (open, closed, or ready partition), NetBackup creates a PartitionSecuredNotification.xml file and stores it in that partition's root directory. The creation of the PartitionSecuredNotification.xml file is not dependent on how Enterprise Vault is configured. NetBackup always creates the file.

The PartitionSecuredNotification.xml file contains a vendor name, vendor application type, and a timestamp. Timestamp written in the trigger file is for the following:

The backup creates the PartitionSecuredNotification.xml file that is then backed up in subsequent backups.

When preparing to restore an open, closed, or ready partition, you should ensure that you do not select the PartitionSecuredNotification.xml file to be restored.