Creating a backup selections list

From the Backup Selections tab you can specify Enterprise Vault components to back up Enterprise Vault sites, servers, databases, indexes, or Enterprise Vault partitions. You determine which Enterprise Vault entity to back up by adding directives to the Backup Selections list. Each directive specifies the Enterprise Vault component(s) to back up.


The Enterprise Vault entity names cannot begin with a space or end with a space. Any Enterprise Vault entity name that uses this format is not supported.

NetBackup uses the same backup selection list for all of the clients that are backed up according to the policy.

To create a backup selections list

  1. In the Policy dialog box, click the Backup Selections tab.

  2. Click New.

  3. Click the directive icon that appears on the right in the Backup Selections field.

  4. From the Directive drop-down list in the Select Directive dialog box, select the Ente4rprise Vault version that you have installed. The list of directives that appear correspond to the version of Enterprise Vault you have installed.

    The following is a list of naming conventions that apply to Enterprise Vault directives:

    • NetBackup does not support the use of blank spaces either before or after a component name. Directives that contain an equals sign have a variable field that you can modify with a component name, such as EV site name or EV vault store name. This component name cannot start with or end with a blank space. The Enterprise Vault agent removes these spaces from the backup selection.

    • Enterprise Vault supports blank spaces anywhere in the component name. The Enterprise Vault agent cannot back up an Enterprise Vault component whose name begins or ends with a blank space.

    • Enterprise Vault enables you to configure multiple vault store groups or vault stores with the same name. However, NetBackup does not support vault store groups or vault stores using the same name, if they share the same directory database.

    Both Enterprise Vault 7.5 and Enterprise Vault 8.0 directive sets enable you to select one or more directives. For example, you can select the EV_DIR_DB directive and the EV_MONITORING_DB directive in a single backup policy.


    With Enterprise Vault 8.0, you cannot use the EV_DIR_DB directive with the EV_INDEX_LOCATION= and the EV_OPEN_PARTITION= directives.

    See About Enterprise Vault directives and what data they back up.

    The available Enterprise Vault 7.5 directives are as follows:

    • EV_DIR_DB



    • EV_SITE


    • EV_VAULT_STORE=EV vault store name


    • EV_VAULT_STORE_DB=EV vault store name




    The available Enterprise Vault 8.0 directives are as follows:

    • EV_DIR_DB




    • EV_INDEX_LOCATION=site name

    • EV_OPEN_PARTITION=vault store name

    • EV_CLOSED_PARTITIONS=vault store name

    • EV_READY_PARTITIONS=vault store name

    • EV_VAULT_STORE_DB=vault store name

    • EV_FINGERPRINT_DB=vault store group name

  5. Click OK.

  6. You can rename any directive by selecting the directive and clicking Rename.

  7. Click OK when you have finished adding directives to the Backup Selections list.