About policy attributes

Policy attributes vary according to your specific backup strategy and system configuration.

For more information on policy attributes, see the NetBackup Administrator's Guide, Volume I.

Table: Policy attribute descriptions shows the policy attributes that are available for Enterprise Vault backups.

Table: Policy attribute descriptions



Policy type

Determines the types of clients that can be in the policy. In some cases policy type determines the types of backups that NetBackup can perform on those clients. To use the Enterprise Vault agent, you must define at least one policy of type that is Enterprise-Vault.


If you use the command-line interface (CLI), the identifying number for an Enterprise Vault agent policy type is 39.

Limit jobs per policy

Limits the number of jobs that NetBackup performs concurrently with this policy. Set this option to a number that is determined by the backup selection and your Enterprise Vault configuration. A single policy can result in multiple jobs. In addition, you can run backups without using this option.

Allow multiple data streams

When the user creates an Enterprise Vault policy, this attribute is enabled, however, Enterprise Vault agent does not support the multiple data streams feature.

This attribute specifies that NetBackup can divide automatic backups for each client into multiple jobs. Each job backs up only a part of the list of backup selections.The jobs are in separate data streams and can occur concurrently. The number of available storage units, multiplex settings, and the maximum jobs parameters determine the total number of streams and how many can run concurrently.

Keyword phrase

A textual description of a backup. Useful for browsing backups and restores.