Adding a new Enterprise Vault policy

This topic describes how to add a new Enterprise Vault backup policy.

Note the following before you add a new Enterprise Vault backup policy:

To add a new policy

  1. Log on to the master server as administrator (Windows) and start the NetBackup Administration Console .

  2. If your site has more than one master server, select the one where you want to add the policy.

  3. Add a new policy by making the appropriate selection:

    • In the left pane, right-click Policies. Select New Policy (Windows interface).

    • In the left pane, click Policies. In the All Policies pane, right-click the master server and click New Policy (Java interface).

  4. In the Add a New Policy dialog box, in the Policy name field, type a unique name for the new policy.

  5. Uncheck the Use Backup Policy Configuration Wizard check box.

    By default, this option is checked. When this check box is checked, the Backup Policy Configuration wizard appears and guides you through the backup policy creation process. To manually create a new policy, uncheck this check box.

  6. Click OK.

  7. On the Attribute tab of the Add a New Policy dialog box, select the Enterprise-Vault policy type from the Policy type drop-down list.

    The Enterprise Vault database agent policy type does not appear in the drop-down list unless the master server has a license key for this database agent.

  8. Complete the entries on the Attributes tab.

  9. Continue by adding additional policy information as follows:

  10. When you finish all of the schedule, client, and backup selections click, OK.

    The policy is validated and created if it found to be valid. If the policy is not valid the policy validation fails with a status 69 or 1800 error.

    For more information about how to correct your policy or for more information about the status errors, refer to the following sections.

    See Creating a backup selections list.

    See Adding clients to a policy.

    See About NetBackup status-related troubleshooting information.