About configuration changes after you upgrade NetBackup and Enterprise Vault

After you upgrade all servers to NetBackup 7.0 and Enterprise Vault to version 8.0, you must change the configuration of your NetBackup policies.

To change your Enterprise Vault directive set

  1. Disable the Microsoft SQL Server policy type (MS-SQL-server) to protect the fingerprint, auditing, and FSA Reporting databases when you use the Enterprise-Vault policy to protect these databases. If you do not disable these policies, you can encounter issues with incremental backups.

    If you use the NetBackup SQL Agent to perform a backup then it can only be restored with the NetBackup SQL Agent. Refer to the Enterprise Vault 8.0 support using NetBackup 6.5.4 white paper for more information.

  2. Change the Enterprise Vault policy directives to include the Enterprise Vault 8.0 directive set.

    See Configuring policy directives after upgrading NetBackup and Enterprise Vault 8.0.

  3. Perform a full backup of all components in the Enterprise Vault site.