About Enterprise Vault agent features

The Enterprise Vault agent is tightly integrated with NetBackup. For example, it provides you with the ability to perform online backups, save data to a variety of storage devices, automated backups, and so forth.

Table: NetBackup Enterprise Vault agent features lists the Enterprise Vault agent features.

Table: NetBackup Enterprise Vault agent features



Online backup

Certain online backups require NetBackup to put Enterprise Vault or specific Enterprise Vault components in read-only mode. When your backup involves an Open partition or an Index location component, NetBackup must put Enterprise Vault into read-only mode before the backup takes place. The following rules apply for Enterprise Vault 7.5 and 8.0.

  • When this particular backup occurs in an Enterprise Vault 7.5 environment, NetBackup places the entire Enterprise Vault server into read-only mode. The Enterprise Vault services and data are available during the backup.

  • In an Enterprise Vault 8.0 environment, only the particular vault store or index location is placed into read-only mode. All other Enterprise Vault components are not placed in read-only mode.

Enterprise Vault backup schedules

The NetBackup Enterprise Vault agent supports full, differential-incremental, and cumulative-incremental backups. These types of backups are configured in an Enterprise Vault policy that the user creates through the NetBackup Administration Console. The user can then specify which Enterprise Vault components to backup by selecting predefined directives in the backup policy.

Tight NetBackup integration

Tight integration with NetBackup means the following:

  • An administrator already familiar with NetBackup procedures and software can easily configure and use NetBackup Enterprise Vault agent to perform backup and restore operations.

  • Features and strengths of the NetBackup product suite are available to the user of the NetBackup Enterprise Vault agent. These features include scheduled operations. These features are described in detail in the NetBackup Administrator's Guide, Volume I.

Data management

Enterprise Vault agent backups are saved to a wide variety of storage devices that NetBackup supports.

Automated backups

Administrators can configure policies and schedule automatic, unattended backups for local or remote clients across the network. These backups are managed entirely by the NetBackup server from a central location.

In addition, the administrator can manually back up Enterprise Vault archived data and Enterprise Vault configuration data (database) that is stored on different locations.

Restore operations

An administrator who uses the Backup, Archive, and Restore interface can browse Enterprise Vault backups and select the ones to restore.

Redirected restore

The Enterprise Vault agent supports redirected (alternate) restore for the file system data and the SQL databases. This feature enables you to rename or redirect the backup objects for the file system data. For SQL objects, this feature supports redirected restores and it supports the renaming of an Enterprise Vault SQL database name. However, this feature does not support the renaming of the physical files that are associated with an SQL database.

Local media server

The Enterprise Vault agent supports the use of a local media server as the primary media server during a backup. However, the configuration of the local media server for Enterprise Vault agent is different than what a NetBackup configuration uses.

See About local media server configuration.