About NetBackup logs

The NetBackup Enterprise Vault migrator communicates to NetBackup through the VxBSA module, and the VxBSA logs are the logs that you must collect from NetBackup. Each NetBackup backup takes place through the bpbkar process. The restore takes place through a tar process. Thus, it is important that you collect the logs for both these processes.


Use the following procedure as a guideline only. Even though the objectives that are stated within the procedure remain the same, the steps to achieve them may vary with different versions of NetBackup. The same principle also applies to the screen shots provided.

In case of any believed discrepancy, see the Symantec NetBackup Troubleshooting Guide UNIX, Windows, Linux for more information.

To collect the Enterprise Vault logs that were migrated to the NetBackup logs

  1. Go to the NetBackup logs directory.

    A logs directory resides under the NetBackup installed directory. For example, if NetBackup is installed under the directory, C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\, then the following logs directory also exists:

    C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\logs

  2. Create the required directories under the NetBackup logs folder.

    You should refer to the following logs as your first point of reference when you investigate the details of any failure:

    • vxbsa logs

    • bpbkar logs

    • tar logs

    To enable the creation of these log files you must create the following directories under the NetBackup logs folder (if they do not already exist):

    • exten_client

      Executing mklogdir.bat creates several log directories. However, this command does not create the directory, exten_client.

    • bpbkar

    • tar

    The migration can fail because of any failure in the workings of NetBackup. Therefore, even though the first point of investigation should start with the mentioned logs, it is safest to collect all of the logs by executing the command, mklogdir.bat.

  3. Set the NetBackup logging level to the required level.

    You should update the logging level of the NetBackup client through which the migration takes place. Ideally, you should set the logging level to the highest level. You configure the client in the profile through which the migration takes place (for example, EV_Default_Profile).

    You can update the logging level using the Client Properties dialog on either the NetBackup Administration Console or the Backup, Archive, and Restore user interface.

    From the Client Properties dialog on the Backup, Archive, and Restore user interface, you can configure the Debug logging levels on the Troubleshooting tab. Use the following recommended values:

    • General: 2

    • Verbose: 5

  4. Execute the migrator tasks for which logs are required.

  5. Collect log files.

    Collect the latest files under the following directories:

    • exten_client

    • bpbkar

    • tar

      You should collect all the logs files by either creating a .zip file of the NetBackup logs folder, or copying the latest file under every directory under the NetBackup logs folder.