Testing the Enterprise Vault migrator configuration

After you have installed and registered the Enterprise Vault migrator, Symantec recommends that you test the configuration, especially if you manually registered the migrator. If you choose to not register the migrator, then you can skip this section.

Registration can occur automatically by the NetBackup installation process or it you can do it manually. Manual registration may be required after NetBackup 7.0 is installed for versions of Enterprise Vault that are earlier than Enterprise Vault 8.0 SP2.

This procedure helps you identify any issues in the registration of the new component. The following procedure steps you through this process.

To test the Enterprise Vault migrator configuration

  1. Determine if any Enterprise Vault partitions exist. If previously configured partitions exist, proceed to Step 2.

    If no Enterprise Vault partitions have been configured for migration, then Symantec recommends that you download the following white paper on Enterprise Vault integration. This paper contains information on archiving and migration, and how to configure Enterprise Vault with NetBackup. (Symantec recommends that you focus your attention on the NetBackup Configuration and Enterprise Vault Configuration sections.) After you have finished configuring the migrator, you can proceed to Step 2.

    See the following document for more information:

  2. Open the Enterprise Vault Administration Console.

  3. Select a partition that has been configured for migration.

  4. Right-click on the partition and select Properties.

  5. Select the Advanced tab in the Vault Store Partition Properties dialog box.

  6. Click Test.

    If the test is successful, a dialog appears that states the Migrator Configuration Test was successful.

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