About configuring a backup policy for migration

You must create a NetBackup backup policy through which the Enterprise Vault migration can take place. The following procedure describes how to create the backup policy.

To create a NetBackup backup policy for an Enterprise Vault migration

  1. Log on to the master server as administrator and start the NetBackup Administration Console .

  2. If your site has more than one master server, select the one where you want to add the policy.

  3. Add a new policy by making the appropriate selection:

    • In the left pane, right-click Policies. Select New Policy (Windows interface).

    • In the left pane, click Policies. In the All Policies pane, right-click the master server and click New Policy (Java interface).

  4. In the Add a New Policy dialog box, in the Policy name field, type a unique name for the new policy.

    You can specify any name that you want. However, make a note of this name because you may use it again when you configure Enterprise Vault in a later step.

  5. Uncheck the Use Backup Policy Configuration Wizard check box.

    By default, this option is checked. When this check box is checked, the Backup Policy Configuration wizard appears and guides you through the backup policy creation process. To manually create a new policy, uncheck this check box.

  6. Click OK.

  7. On the Attribute tab of the Add a New Policy dialog box, select the DataStore policy type from the Policy type drop-down list.

  8. Complete the entries on the Attributes tab.

  9. Continue by creating a schedule for the policy with the following attributes:

    • Enter the name of the schedule. The name must be EV_Default_Schedule.

      The name of the schedule is not configurable and is expected to be EV_Default_Schedule.

    • Set the type of backup to Application Backup.

    • Set the retention period to infinity (level 9).

      When you specify the retention level as infinity (level 9), you allow Enterprise Vault to have full control on the life cycle of migrated data. When Enterprise Vault wants to delete a migrated file, NetBackup is explicitly notified to delete it.

  10. Specify backup window of schedule. Click the Start Window tab to define the period of time during which the backup starts and ends.

    The schedules should be set to allow backups and restores to happen at any time. The Vault Store Partition configuration controls the Enterprise Vault migration (backup) times.

  11. Click OK.

  12. Specify a NetBackup client for the policy. In the Policy dialog box, click the Clients tab.

    You should use the name of the Enterprise Vault server whose data is to be migrated in the NetBackup client for the policy.

    To access the Policy dialog box, double-click the policy name in the client list in the NetBackup Administration Console.

  13. Click OK.

    You do not need to specific policy directives because the file names are passed automatically between Enterprise Vault and NetBackup.

NetBackup administrators may find the following notes helpful when configuring a NetBackup policy for the Enterprise Vault migrator: