About the Enterprise Vault Migrator

As the amount of data that companies store continues to grow, they must find ways to scale their storage environments to accomodate the growth. More importantly, companies continue to scrutinize how their data is managed and retained in the most cost-effective ways as possible.

Enterprise Vault migrator enables you to automatically migrate data from primary disk storage locations to more cost-effective secondary disk storage locations. You can now define automatic, policy-based migration strategies to move archived data from Enterprise Vault-managed disks to NetBackup-managed media types.

When you use NetBackup with Enterprise Vault, archived items from Enterprise Vault can be automatically stored and retrieved on the storage devices that NetBackup manages. All archived items are first stored within a vault store partition within Enterprise Vault. After Enterprise Vault archives the item, a collection process is run and that result it is placed into a CAB file. Once the CAB file is created, it is now ready to be migrated from Enterprise Vault to NetBackup using a migration process. The Enterprise Vault migration process calls the NetBackup migration process, which starts a backup of the CAB files by a NetBackup policy. Once the backup is complete, Enterprise Vault truncates the vault store partition copy of the CAB file. That reduces the Enterprise Vault disk storage space and leverages the investments that were made in the NetBackup infrastructure.

During the NetBackup migration process multiple copies can be made using inline tape copies. Disk storage units (DSUs) and disk storage staging units (DSUs) are also supported for the NetBackup-controlled migrations that are direct to disk. However, Symantec recommends that you keep traditional backups separate from Enterprise Vault data because the retention requirements are likely to be very different.