Template complete

On the Template Complete screen, you can choose to save the template for later use, run the template immediately, or both.

Click Save template on the NetBackup master server to save the template for later use. You must specify a name for the template in the Name field. The template name should not include a directory path. If the template name does not end with .tpl, it is appended to the name before the template is saved.

Optionally, provide a short description of the backup template in the Description field.

Click Execute template immediately after finishing to run an immediate backup that is based on the template that you created. NetBackup performs a full backup of the selected objects. Incremental backups must be scheduled on the NetBackup master server.

If you have any changes to make to the template, use the Back button to return to previous wizard screens.

When you are satisfied with the template, click Finish to save, run, or save and run the template you created.