Run XML Export Template

The Run XML Export Template wizard has the following options:

Target Database Logon Credentials

The target database is the database being archived.

The user that performs the XML export operation must have SELECT privileges on the database objects that are selected for export.

Logon credentials

Logon credentials are required to connect to the Oracle database.

The credentials consist of the following, which together make up the database connect string:

  • User name

  • Password

  • Net service name (TNS alias)

    The Net service name is optional.

User name

Refers to the Oracle user's login name. The administrator must have SELECT privileges on the database objects that have been selected for export.


Refers to the login password for the Oracle user.

Net service name

Also known as the TNS alias.

Used to indicate what database to use. Oracle translates the service name to a connect descriptor through the tnsnames.ora file. If this field is left blank, the selected Oracle SID determines what database to connect to.